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Beautiful, healthy, easy salad! I made this for the week's lunches today, keeping the dressing separate - I'll toss two portions together each morning - simple! I added both broccoli and cauliflower, doubling the other veggies. The dressing is so delicious! Thanks for posting, Smelly! Made for my adopted chef, in Veggie Swap 20.

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Katzen March 07, 2010

AWESOME. I was looking at the veggies, then tasted the dressing and thought, "Hmmmm, I don't know. Maybe it needs something else." NOPE!!!! It is good at first bite without any marinating at all. In the dressing I used fresh basil and oregano (just doubled the amts). For the salad I used the cauliflower option which I HIGHLY recommend. Used red, orange and yellow bell peppers for color. Threw in some celery (hey, why not). Used white beans which were great. Then subbed arugula for the spinach. AWESOME. UPDATE: this time I threw in some asparagus that I cooked in the microwave for 1 minute and subbed out the spinach for shredded kale. I also used tarragon vinegar and lime instead of lemon...and subbed some Sunny Paris seasoning for the herbs. Excellent after about 15 minutes of marinating! Love this stuff! I need to take this to the next potluck I go to as I know it would be well received!

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JanuaryBride April 24, 2013

Delicious! The dressing to veggie ratio was perfect. I forgot to add the almonds, but I'll be making this again soon and can't wait to see what they add. Thanks for sharing the keeper!

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Lucky in Bayview May 18, 2014

Katzen was right, this does deserve to go into the best of 2010 cookbook! Easy, full of nutrients, and delicious too! Thanks!

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Sharon123 March 13, 2011

This is a great make ahead recipe! It makes quite a bit - I love how easy it was, and how you can sub or omit veggies based on what you have in the fridge. I didn't include the chickpeas this time, but I can imagine that would be a fabulous addition and would make it a great main dish salad. Made the night before a dinner party and then just brought to room temperature before we ate, tossed in some extra spinach and voila! Thanks Smelly! VegSwap Jan10.

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magpie diner January 02, 2010

I made this for dinner tonight - it is really tasty and very good for you. The only ingredient I didn't use was the spinach, but I added more of the other vegetables instead. This would be a fantastic addition to any buffet or large gathering. Thanks Smelly, we really enjoyed this recipe.

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Eldeevee November 11, 2009

Great salad that is a tad more hearty than most without adding calories/fat! I skipped the basil (out of) the chickpeas and almonds. Delish! This makes a lot of salad! Will be having leftovers for lunch! Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ November 06, 2009

Delicious! I made two slight substitutions; in the dressing I used some fresh basil & I used some white beans in the salad because that was what I had on hand. I think I could be a vegetarian!

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Newmsy September 15, 2009

Sooooooo good!!! I made this as directed, except that I used extra olive oil, doubled the green pepper, and omitted the red pepper, and I doubled the recipe for a party. I got tons of compliments at the party. People kept asking me what kind of dressing I used and couldn't believe I made it myself. My mother-in-law asked for the recipe. I really enjoyed the combination of flavors and will definitely make this again. I don't usually use a recipe for salad, but this was a delightful and refreshing change from my usual creations. Made for Veggie Swap 13.

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Prose August 30, 2009
Nine a Day Salad