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This is a very moist and sticky cake. It also tastes fabulous. Unfortunately, mine looked like an asteroid hit it - it rose up really high on the edges and sunk in the center. I don't know if it was because I used homemade self-rising flour or if there was another issue. I did use the microwave to melt the butter & chocolate but I don't think that would explain the problem. Even if it doesn't look very good, the taste makes up for it. I will be trying this one again to see if I can get it to look better. Thanks for the recipe :)

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flower7 January 23, 2010

I just love the texture of this cake and have made it quite a few times now. Great with coffee, and super tasty because it has the added orange marmalade. I'm a sucker for marmalade ;) The ingredients are nearly always in my pantry so it's never anything that I have to leave the house to fetch. I will be trying it with some cream cheese this next time though..Thanks for posting this one Harley!

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Pikake21 March 20, 2007
Nigella Lawson Pantry-Shelf Chocolate-Orange Cake