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Outstanding and very easy to make. I prepared a cream cheese + nutella + cocoa filling (add nutella + cocoa according to taste) as and poured a molten (in the microwave) bar of Lindt 85% Cacao over the top...as if the original recipe wasn't indulgent enough!

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Strawberry Bonbon September 01, 2008

Excellent! I made this last night for a party. I am a celiac, and like when I can serve people meals that were gluten-free to begin with. The cake was surprisingly large--most flourless cakes are more dense, and the ground almonds gave it some more height than I had expected, for a more "normal" cake-like texture. I weighed out about 8 ounces almonds and ground them in my food processor. I used an 8 inch cake pan as well. The eight servings are extremely generous--it would easily serve 10 or more (and I am a bit of a dessert hog!). Great served with some whipped cream or cool-whip.

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Laura Meehan June 20, 2008

Very moist and rich cake. No oil or butter made me re-consider the recipe. Cooked oranges for only one hour. Used coconut sugar 110 g instead of 250g caster sugar. Icing made up for the less sugar in the cake.

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PSC C. April 09, 2014

I baked this cake for my friends birthday and added choc orange liqueur to the mix and then topped with candied orange slices it was delicious. I will certainly bake again - check out my picture. It is so pretty!

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love baked goods July 04, 2013

An easy recipe with sophisticated dark chocolate orange flavours. I topped it with a soury rich dark chocolate frosting (using sheeps yogurt instead of butter or oil) and finished with curled orange rind. The absence of artificial flavours makes this cake refreshingly fresh and sweet. Thank your for posting and thanks Nigella for the recipe!

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ChefReina May 18, 2013

This is a great recipe, it tastes great and makes the whole house smell of orange, which is wonderful. I made this as a birthday cake for a friend who has to eat gluten-free, and she was very happy with it. I think it's an infallible kind of cake, it's so easy to make.
I have a fan oven, and reduced the temperature slightly, but I was glad I checked the cake at 45mins cause it was perfectly cooked at that point.

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RichelleBakes November 16, 2012

After years of cooking, this was the best cake I have ever made. My friend swears by it and says it can't go wrong. If you like the idea of being a domestic goddess without the mucking about this is the cake for you (especially if you have a Magimix) . Although the oranges and cake need a long cooking time I quite literally settled down in front of a film for the duration so do not be put off, there is minimal concentration involved, just make sure you don't let the oranges dry out in pan. This cake is moist and rich but surprisingly light in texture, I didn't have any coco powder so used G&Bs bitter drinking chocolate and about 1/4 bar of 75% dark chocolate (melted) instead. The remainder of the melted chocolate was used as an icing, with a thick stripe of the blitzed orange down the middle of the (loaf) cake on top of the chocolate (very aesthetic). Once cooled in the fridge it created a thick, glossy chocolaty/orange topping that cracks temptingly as you pass the knife through it. My advice - Make it and eat it!

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Emily loves Cakes February 17, 2009
Nigella Lawson Flourless Chocolate Orange Cake