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Not our typical chili but still great! I never added carrots to a chili but they are a wonderful addition. I skipped on the sweet potatoes cause only my daughter likes them. I added green pepper to the mix and used black beans since we seem to be out of kidney beans. After simmering for the full hour, most of the juices seemed to be gone, but no one here complained!

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Sam #3 January 25, 2010

Chili is a favorite here both for it's ease in preparation as well as the flavor. This rendition was no exception, offering a great combination of flavors and textures. I made two smallish changes out of convenience and necessity. First, I tossed in a half a jalapeno finely diced with the first set of vegetables in lieu of the crushed pepper flakes (it needed a home) and after starting the dish realized I only had one can of kidney beans and used white beans as a substitution for the second. Initially I was concerned that the mix was a little on the dry side and contemplated adding more tomatoes or perhaps some tomato sauce, held off as the vegetables began to cook and release liquid which helped. I did end up adding about a cup of vegetable broth about 45 minutes into cooking and that worked well. The results are delicious. Thanks NIf. Made for the Went to the Market Game.

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justcallmetoni May 12, 2009

Wonderful chili! Since we're vegan, we didn't add the meat; my dad was a little sulky at first thinking it was just soup, but after he said he really enjoyed it!!Love the addition of sweet potato. I tossed in extra mushrooms because they needed to be used, and tons more garlic because.., well... self-explanatory. :-D I'll take some in a thermos for my school lunch. Thanks!

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White Rose Child March 09, 2009
Nif's Vegetable Chili