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I am NOT an anchovy fan! Whenever I order my nicoise salad, I always ask for it without the little fishies. I was so happy to find that in this recipe the anchovy paste is OPTIONAL! I had put all the ingredients into the food processor without the half and half, and found that it was the perfect consistency (I like thick dressings), so I left out the 1/2 & 1/2 altogether. I put together a very nice composed salad with the ingredients listed in the recipe, and also added a sliced hard-boiled egg. I "draped" the dressing over the top and had a very classy lunch. This salad traveled very well from home to office in a Tupperware, and by the time I was ready to eat the dressing had insinuated itself throughout. Geema, I love this new take on salad dressings, thanks so much for posting.

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Mirj May 30, 2003

This was an excellent salad dressing!~ I used mayonnaise, skipped the anchovy paste as I did not have any and used heavy whipping cream in place of the half and half as that is what I had. It was wonderful. I served it on lettuce with hard boiled eggs, steamed green beans and tomatoes. I used the exytra dressing the next day for a vege dip. Yummy. Thanks for posting.

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Delectable Bites February 02, 2010

I made this for ZWT 3 lighter salad challenge. I made this with yogurt miracle whip and low fat butter milk instead of half and half with great results! I skipped on the anchovy since I dont really prefer them. Very good!

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anme June 11, 2007
Nicoise Salad Dressing