New Zealand Birdseed Bar

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

Not for the birds but a favourite lunchtime snack. Normal size of a slice tin is 35cm long x 20 cm wide x 4 cm deep.


  1. Roast first 4 ingredients in oven until nicely browned.
  2. Add sultanas.
  3. In a pot melt butter, honey and sugar.
  4. Mix into dry ingredients.
  5. Press into a tray and cut when cooled.
Most Helpful

Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska, USA where I own and operate a top-reviewed B and B. Thanks for sharing this recipe. We've got a local bakery close by that makes a stellar Birdseed Bar and I've been trying to find a recipe like it.... This one comes close and might even be better. Yay! I mixed up sesame seeds, salted sunflower seeds, flax and pumpkin seeds. Used cranberry flavored raisins (sultanas) and cashews and almonds. I like the soft consistency...and the fact that they aren't baked and crunchy. Good tip to toast the nuts and seeds first... I did it stovetop in a dry skillet. I cooked the butter/honey mix a little longer as some folks recommended and the bars are holding together fine. Delicious. I'm not sure they won't all be eaten before I can serve them up to the guests. Thanks again. Marilyn

Marilyn K. May 30, 2015

Yuuumo! I'm trying not to eat it all before the boys come home. I used sunflower seeds instead of sesame and apricots as I dont like sultanas. nom nom nom

dairytime March 07, 2013

This was perfect! I have been searching for a nutty tasting bar for on the go and have been left disappointed with the store bought ones. This was outstanding! When roasting first 4, the coconut takes like 2-3 mins where as the rest take 10-15 to roast. Do to others comments and suggestions I cooked the butter mixture for about 5 minutes and mine stuck together and made perfect little bars. I will be making this often. Thank you!

Wobin August 17, 2009