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Heaven-on-a-fork is the best way to describe this recipe! This cheesecake was very dense and creamy. I didn't make the shortbread crust for the bottom of the cheesecake, rather, I made a traditional graham cracker crust. I have never made a cheesecake that hasn't cracked, and was so excited to make a perfect cheesecake for the very first time. I could not find a pan to put my 10-inch springform pan into so, I used two pans on a rack below my springform pan and poured boiling water into both of them to create a steamy/humid environment for the cheesecake (worked great). The cake will appear jiggly as Steve mentioned, but upon cooling you've got the perfect cheesecake. Thanks so much for posting this wonderful recipe!!!!!!

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Caryn September 20, 2002

One word-Heaven-this was excellent. The only thing I will do next time is run a knife around the pan before I loosen the springform ring. I will definitely be making this again.

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Shari2 April 01, 2002

WOW! I received showers of praise from everyone who tried this. It was AWESOME! The cake's presentation, texture, and taste was extrordinary. And Steve is right, serving this cake plain is the best!

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David Michael Gann February 27, 2003

Let me begin by saying I was skeptical about trying a cheesecake recipe due to the fact that I prefer cheesy over creamy and I've always been rather intimidated by the thought of attempting a cheesecake. That being said...this is probably the most comprehensive instructions to achieving PERFECT results. I followed the instructions to the letter and found that the cheesy flavor with the creaminess of the consistency made me realize that you CAN have the best of both worlds. Don't kid yourself...this is not a quick-result experience, so if you're looking for a fast-fix for dessert for tonights dinner? this isn't it. It's time-consuming but OMG is it fantastic. My first cheesecake...and my second...AND my third, all in the same week - all huge successes!! I posted a pic of my first one, which was surrounded by strawberries. I've recieved unbelieveable compliments on it (I do admit I upped the vanilla amount, due to the fact that I use a vanilla paste, as opposed to a vanilla extract - i LOVE vanilla bean).
Anyone with any hesitations about tackling this....need look no further for a better recipe. This is the gold standard.

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Chef Hunter 1368 May 06, 2011

I agree with the other reviews on here, this is a wonderful recipe with amazing instructions. The flavor is great, the crust is wonderful. The only downside is that the center has turned out a little less-cooked than I would like. I thought that perhaps it had something to do with my 8000ft elevation, but it appears others have had the same issue. I have correct temperatures and everything. I'm making it tonight, and I'm going to increase oven temp by about 15-25 degrees, and cooking time by about 20% too. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

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daleth_mccoy January 08, 2011

This is fabulous! I gave myself the whole day to do this so I wasn't rushed and tempted to take shortcuts. I followed the recipe and instructions exactly and it turned out perfect.

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sheepdoc September 21, 2010

Thank you Steve_G!! This was a big hit for my DH's boss' bday!!! I will say patience is the key to this recipe; I blended slooooowly, didn't open the oven door, or turn on the light. (I did however use my flashlight to take a peek.) My only suggestion is to use a knife to loosen the edges of the cooked cake before opening latch. If you don't the cake may stick and will crack. I know this because it happened to me. I followed directions as written with no additions and it came out smooth and perfect. I will be making this again so I finally get a piece!!

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PickyEaters June 25, 2010

Steve_G, I made this fabulous cheesecake the texture is silk the taste is velvet the experience divine. After hundreds of cheesecakes through the years this cheesecake is exquisite and the crust makes the taste one of my favourites! The only thing I changed is the temperature in my convection oven as it runs very hot 350 degree's for 10 minutes 250 degree's for 2 hrs. and then let cool in the turned off oven. Thanks for sharing a great recipe I will make this again and again!

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oilpatchjo March 17, 2010

WOW! I was in a mood for a project so I went in search of a really good cheesecake recipe. FOUND IT! This is fantastic! I followed the recipe to the letter, did not change or skip a single step. I took it out of the fridge thismorning and took the sides off and had to try a sliver. I could keel over and die right now and be perfectly happy! By the way, it's 6:45 am haha. Couldn't help myself!
*UPDATE* I made this again last night and all I can say is Oh. My. Goodness!! There's no way there's a better cheesecake than this one. There may be a few just as good, but none better!

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DeeVaFoodie August 31, 2011

Brilliant! I'd love to know the origins of this recipe, how it came about. I looked at EVERY New York Style Cheesecake recipe on this site (and honestly, a few others, but I ALWAYS end up here!) I kept coming back to this one. I liked the idea of a shortbread crust, and was really looking for an alternative method to baking in a water bath. (I have always had trouble with leaky springform pans and foil!) This one fit the bill on both counts. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about the whole "don't open the oven door, trust the directions and timing" deal, but I cannot imagine any recipe yielding a better result than I got with this. I even used a 9" pan because it's all I have, no runny middle, no undercooked anything, just delicious, thick, rich, creamy CHEESECAKE NIRVANA!!! BRILLIANT! 09/23/08 I wanted to update my review to include my recent experience. I wanted to make this for my cheesecake loving friend for her birthday, but her husband is diabetic. I decided to make the recipe exactly as written, but used splenda in place of all sugar, and it was FANTASTIC! They are still raving about it! Thanks also to Steve for his help, advice, and above all, for this recipe!

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blueguitargirl1985 September 23, 2008
New York Style Cheesecake on Shortbread Crust