New York Deli Potato Salad

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 40 mins

I have only found my favorite potato salad in delicatessens in New York City and Long Island and in some Italian and Jewish delis elsewhere. After much searching, a friend on Long Island sent me this recipe which comes as close to perfection as any I've tried. The recipe may be cut down as the quantities are for a party.

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  1. Steam potatoes over 32-40 oz. water.
  2. Peel while hot. (You can actually scrape off the skin by hand under cold water.).
  3. Cool in refrigerator for at least one hour.
  4. Mix next seven ingredients in a bowl, adding oil last.
  5. Slice the potatoes in 1/4" slices into a very large bowl.
  6. Fold in the mixture.
  7. Chill overnight.
  8. Add Hellman's mayo to desired consistency.
  9. Spread in large, flat serving dishes and garnish. (I used fresh parsley and finely grated carrots for color.).
Most Helpful

Yes, this is the one! If you grew up in Queens NY and long to taste that great vinegary, peppery thin sliced potato salad you had as a child then look no further. Every time I make it someone asks for the recipe. It takes two days to make it, but worth every minute. Also, gets better each day. Be sure to not over cook the potatoes and then slice them thin. Don't forget the parsley.

joannetk July 07, 2011

This receipe is amazing. I left New York city (Queens) when I was in my twenties. For Thirty years I've been looking for New York Potato Salad. It is not sold anywhere else in the U.S. I've lived in many cities and have traveled to dozens more. I've tried to make it at home with other recipes and they all have failed. This recipe is perfect. I do remember that some deli's had chopped pimento and others had a hint of finely chopped celery. I've added those 2 ingredients and it made a slight difference. It is still just like I remember. Brad, thanks for bringing this recipe to the world once again.

goaks260 June 02, 2008

The real long island potato salad has 1/3 of the oil than this recipe. Also a little more sugar which is than heated with the vinegar and water till it dissolves.

fang800 May 21, 2014