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These cookies are easier to make than they look. I recommend making 1.5 times the icing recipe or even doubling it. I really had to scrape the icing bowl in order to have enough icing to cover all of the cookies. Also, there wasn't enough white icing for me to apply a thick enough layer so that the golden brown cookie under the frosting did not show through.

I recommend using a clear vanilla extract in order to keep the white frosting a pristine white color.

Good cookie and I'll make them again.

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Marie Nixon November 06, 2011

This recipe is FABULOUS! I live in New York and work in Manhattan and these cookies came out EXACTLY how we eat them in bakeries here. I did substitute 1/2 the amount of lemon juice for water. I also needed much more water than the recipe called for to make the icing smooth. But, I will absolutely make these again!

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Diet It Up March 23, 2009

I used this recipe for the cookie. They came out great. I used my ice cream scoop to keep the cookie neat and consistant. I could have pressed the tops down a bit, they came out a little domed shaped.

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Sabatini99 October 23, 2011

Oh MAN, these are good! I have never had black and white cookies in New York City, but the ones I had in my kitchen were awesome! I got 10 - 2 1/2 inch (in diameter) cookies from this recipe. The cookie part of this recipe was perfect - bake time and temperature-wise (even at my CO Springs high altitude). I don't know if it mattered or not, but I "swirled" the spoon around the tops of the dough on the parchment-lined cookie sheet before I baked them, just to make them more round-looking. I did change the icing a bit, however (thus, the 4-star rating). I did: 1 Tablespoon light corn syrup, 1/4 cup water, 1 1/3 cups powdered sugar, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla, and 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice. I microwaved the corn syrup with the water for about 15-20 seconds, whisked the powdered sugar in, and whisked everything else in (adding 1/4 c. cocoa for the chocolate icing). The icing was the consistency of thick glue, and it worked lovely. Thanks so much for posting this recipe, these cookies would be great for a party or a gift. Aside from maybe trying to make the cookies smaller and decreasing the baking time to accommodate, I will DEFINITELY make these again!

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Greeny4444 February 01, 2009

These were to die for! I made about 150 of these babies and they were a huge hit! I used Droste Dutch cocoa for the icing! Thanks so much for the recipe! I could tell from the rave reviews I will be asked to make them again and again!

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Dot1222 November 28, 2008

To start, I am not a baker. This was the first time I tried making this cookies. To my surprise they came out great. I made them for Thanksgiving and my whole family loved them. My 23 year old niece told me that where better then the bakery. Which made me feel really good. I will be making them for Christmas, but instead of black and white frosting I'm going to try Green and Red frosting.

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maureen305 December 02, 2014

My boyfriend is from Staten Island and he is always craving Black and Whites. I figured I'd try it out for him. He says these are just like the ones from back home. I don't do the lemon in the icing. It's personal preference. Easy and yummy.

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Sara B. June 06, 2014

The cookie recipe was fantastic, although I want to try next time with cake flour to take out some of the heaviness. The flavor can't be beat though. However, I was not a fan of the icing. Icing is difficult for me to make in the first place (I don't know why - I should watch videos), so the texture came out crumbly. I finally added water and got a better consistency, but the flavor was not that great. I did use confectioner's rather than icing sugar if that makes a difference. I will keep trying, but with different icing recipes.

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Steponme February 02, 2014

These were awesome!! It was not a very difficult recipe to prepare. The only thing I would recommend is to prepare more white frosting than the recipe calls for. I didn't have enough and had to make a 2nd batch. these came out perfect!! I will definitely make these again.

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jamajama4 September 04, 2013

These cookies reminded my son of our New York eating ventures. I made 8 cookies and weighed each to be 57 g and they were all uniform in size. I doubled the icing recipe but it was a bit too much. Next time I would 1.5 the icing and only add clear vanilla to the white icing portion. Baking on the middle rack is critical so the bottoms don't get too dark. The first cookie was tricky to ice but I learnt to ice half, let it set, and ice the other half. These were great cookies and made our keeper list.

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Fabat40 1 March 18, 2013
New York City Black and White Cookies