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Best cheesecake I've ever had! I did add Lemon Juice instead of the peel because thats all I had and it turned out fine. Baked in 10 inch springform, same cooking time. Everyone loved it, made it for mothers day get together :)

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MommasCookin84 May 09, 2011

I am giving this recipe 5 stars because I'm sure it deserves it. I don't know what I did wrong but this Cheesecake came out a disaster for me! 1st, it was the first one I ever made in my life. I think I totally misjudged the baking time cause I well over cooked the crumbs. They tasted bitter to me (which means I burnt them) the photos submitted for this recipe look wonderful. I bet if I had better luck, mine would have been fantastic. Because I must have did something wrong, it's my own fault. I think the taste however and appearance is a 5 star! I am going to try it again for sure. Better luck next time I hope! :( Mine had potential to look and taste as good as the photos.

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D. Rose April 24, 2011

This it just THE BEST cheesecake I've ever eaten in my life! And it is quite easy too. LOVE it!!

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Suzynha January 07, 2011

OH MY GOD. OMG OMG OMG. Not to sound like i'm exagerating, but this is THE BEST cheesecake i have ever eaten in my life. And i'm very picky! it's so creamy yet so light and soooooo delicious. i wish i could give it more than 5 stars. Just one thing, the cheesecake batter was too much for my springform pan, so next time, i will add more crackers to make 3 cups, and make 2 separate cakes. and i cant wait till the next time!!! yummm

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Chef Amira December 05, 2010

This was my first attempt at cheesecake! I used homemade graham crackers, farm-fresh eggs, organic cream cheese, natural sugar, and organic pumpkin pie filling to swirl through in layers. I had an 8.5" and a 9.5" and wasn't sure which to use, since the recipe calls for a 9". So, I used the 8.5" thinking it would be better than having a too-thin cheesecake. I should have used the larger springform pan! The cheesecake puffed well over the top of the pan and took 30 minutes longer to cook. The edges did crack, and they browned quite a bit in order to get the middle set. It's not quite as beautiful a result as I would have liked, but the taste made up for it!! I will try this again sometime with the other pan and hope that the aesthetics match the deliciousness.

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powerpuffs3k October 22, 2010

Everyone loved this cheesecake! It was a bit too lemony for my taste but no one else thought that!

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Baking Girl June 26, 2010

Same comments as all the otheres, Great cheesecake and definitely reminiscent of New York style. I have a trick to keep things from leaking from springform pan and for removing cakes from bottom of same. I put a pieces of foil over the bottom of the pan before I attach the sides. The seal is so tight there is no leakage and you can then slide the cake onto a dish without worrying about breaking it. Hope this helps some of you. Lee

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Nana Lee September 02, 2006

Excellent! Very impressive dessert, great to have with company. It is very rich, I cut in into 12 slices, but next time I will cut into 16. I did try the water bath thing, only about 1/2 way up the pan, served it with strawberries in simple syrup and chocolate sauce on the side but it works fine as is. Thanks for a keeper!

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Dawnab May 13, 2006

Bev, this cheesecake was absolutely divine! It really was so simple to prepare, too. I ended up baking mine for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I think the most difficult thing about the recipe was waiting overnight for it to chill! LOL I served with fresh cerry glaze and fresh cherries. My mother in law asked for the recipe after one bite! Thanks for a wonderful recipe, Bev! :)

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canarygirl June 04, 2004

I made this twice in one week - one for Father's day (as practice) and one for my girlfriend's birthday. I had over 10 people try it and they all loved it. The cake never lasted longer than 5 days!
The only problem I had with it was cracking. The second time I made it, I pulled it out of the oven about 10 minutes earlier than the suggested cooking time and it still tasted just fine and had only minimum amount of cracks.
Overall, another easy recipe that I would not mind trying again!

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tyvaux July 14, 2011
New York Cheesecake