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What a fun treat to make!! These came together really well. The only thing I see lacking is the amount of oil - as 3/4 cup is just not going to be enough for frying. I used about 2 1/2 cups (maybe even a bit more) so there was enough for frying. They are good rolled in sugar but they are great rolled in cinnamon/sugar! Be careful as the size really has to stay around a tablespoon as any larger they are still doughy in the center but browned on the outside. My kids scarfed them down in no time flat! Found and made during ZWT8.

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HokiesMom July 30, 2012

These fritters were just ok for us. They were easy to make, though we found them a bit bland on the inside and the texture was not quite what I was expecting. Like another reviewer said, they seemed like donut holes, but were not at all sweet (other than the cinnamon sugar on the outside). All we really tasted was the cinnamon sugar. I would try these again but would add a touch, just a wee bit, of sugar or maybe some orange zest to the batter before frying. With a bit of tweaking, this could be a winner for us! Thanks for posting!

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Jostlori July 24, 2013

Made this for ZWT9 the US Regional leg and it's a winner. So much fun to make and came together well. Like HoikiesMom I to had to use more oil. I did cut the recipe in half and still got plenty out of it and added cinnamon to the sugar it was rolled in. Everyone had fun with these and thought they tasted similar to do nut holes. Thanks so much for posting.

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Bonnie G #2 July 14, 2013
New Orleans' Style Choux Fritters