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This was fabulous! Sauce thickened up to consistency of tomato paste during 20 minute simmer, but waited it out to add more liquid as you add 1/2 cup wine at end. It was still a bit thick after that so I splashed in about 1/4 cup more chicken stock. Also, I added more Tabasco and 1/4 teaspoon crushed red chili pepper while sauce was simmering. Easy, quick and very tasty!

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Sharlene~W March 30, 2002

This is an absolutely incredible recipe! It smelled so good while it was cooking that I couldn't wait for my husband to come home for supper, so I ate without him! I served it with rice, and I seriously doubt there will be any leftovers tonight! This is a money saving recipe too because I'll save the airfare to New Orleans! I have New Orleans cuisine right here in my own home! This is a keeper, Izzy. Thanks for sharing!

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Bev April 05, 2002

Wow, this was so fine. I made your shrimp creole as a suprise for my husband's birthday. It is one of his favorite dishes. We both thought it was outstanding and the seasonings took us right back to our time spent in New Orleans. The only addition was some crushed red pepper to increase the heat. Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

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sarabeth123 December 11, 2002

Awesome creole recipe. The only change I made was to use 3 cloves of minced garlic. Otherwise, I thought it was perfection. Mildly spicy which works for my young ones. My husband doctored his up with extra Tabasco. My whole family got in on the action too and gave it a high 5-star rating. Thanks Izzy for sharing this.

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ratherbeswimmin' December 18, 2002

YUM!!! This was delicious! I served it over steamed rice. My 18 month old went crazy! He loved it! I couldn't find plum tomatoes at the store, so I just used regular whole stewed tomatoes. I also used Chipotle Tabasco instead of regular. I took the suggestion in one of the reviews, and added 1/4 cup more chicken broth than listed in the recipe. It was perfect! Thanks for the great recipe!

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ChipotleChick December 04, 2002

Izzy, Finally got around to trying this recipe,and am I ever glad I did!!!! My husband went balistic over it. Can't afford the large shrimp,used the small instead,but it was wonderful. Thanks soooooo much,this is a keeper.Darlene Summers

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Darlene Summers October 09, 2002

I'm reviewing this because of the negative reviews. There are quite a few dishes my husband and I did not care for but that is the difference in people's taste so I would never leave a bad review. I thought this was the best Creole dish I've ever made from scratch. If you start out making a Roux, as the one reviewer said, I would think it would be more of an Etouffee. I did use my whole small can of tomato paste and used turkey bacon, but we loved it and made two meals from it. Thank you very much!

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texasjenny March 31, 2010

OH MY GOSH! I was so pleasantly surprised. This was so very good. I did change out the tomatoes for 3 10 oz. cans of Ro*tel tomatoes with green chilies original, and that made it very spicy. You need a glass of water standing close by, lol. But if that is too spicy they do have a mild version. I do not drink alcohol, so was apprehensive about adding the wine, but I could not taste it. Thank you for sharing this receipe.

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Trisha J. February 17, 2015

Was Quite good. I simmered mine coveredd part of the time so it wouldn't get too thick. Worked great. Next time will do as other reviews and some crushed red pepper.

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byrnemdb_7091401 February 05, 2013

Sorry I found it lacking in flavor, needed more garlic, spices etc. It was most disappointing. Being from a French background and having had the pleasure of eating in New Orleans, I think the recipe too a wrong turn somewhere.

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1944dacook May 13, 2012
New Orleans Shrimp Creole