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I made this for my husband's birthday. It was delicious, but I'd say maybe a LITTLE too sweet. It was so good though, that we all plowed through it! Even though we had to take naps after eating, it was worth it! I made the praline topping with walnuts, not pecans, because my husband prefers those, and the subsitution was really good. I also couldn't get all the praline on the top of the cake, so we made tiny dime sized pralines with the extra, and used them to decorate the bottom of the cake. YUMM!

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missifish April 17, 2010

This is a wonderful, very sweet, very chocolate cake! And it is fairly easy to make. Unfortunately, I did not read the directions thoroughly and used 3 9" pans instead of 8" pans so my cake wasn't as high as it should have been and not as airy. But it was delicious and dense.. Next time I would make the ganache first.. it was very stubborn and took a long while to become speadable. I doubled the ganche so there would be extra filling but I don't think I would do that again. I threw quite a bit out. I poured the praline mixture over the cake just before it hardened so it would go down the side of the cake, worked fairly well as you can see in the picture.. I too, as one person suggested put it immediately in the refrig as the ganche started to melt on the sides from the hot praline mixture. Thanks for sharing--I took it to work to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

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oceanmom February 16, 2010

Made this cake for the holidays and it was loved by all! I used dark chocolate cocoa instead of regular, which I think helped take down the sweetness of the cake and gave it a nice balance with the super sweet icing. I also only used two 9inch cake pans and it was a little shorter than most cakes but not so much that you notice once it is iced. I had no trouble with the ganache but definitely sift the powdered sugar first before starting on the praline mix. Instead of pouring the praline over the cake I waited until it started to cool (ok really i forgot to sift my powdered sugar and by the time I got the lumps out it I was unable to "pour" it per the directions)...but it worked out better that way as instead of pouring it over the cake I used a spatula to press it and spread it on the cake which gave it a nice even coating and didnt result in melted ganache. I will be making this a lot in the future, all my nieces and nephews now want this as their birthday cake!!

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JennAggie December 03, 2012

I made this cake for my and my friend's birthday party. Everyone thought it looked and tasted amazing. The cake itself had a great texture, the ganache was subtle and the praline frosting was a perfect texture. One change I made was to cut the sugar in the cake back to 1 and 1/2 cup. The praline topping was so sweet it worked out verry well to have the cake a little less sweet. One step I will add next time I make this is to sift the flour. I did have tiny lumps. Also, my ganache did not set up quite as much as I wanted, so I whipped it with my hand mixer for a few minutes to make it more spreadable.

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LadyRatri April 24, 2011

My sons are chocoholics and I love pecans. What a match. What sold me on trying this was Fairy Nuff's photo of a slice of the cake she made. I just wanted to reach into my screen and gobble it up. My results were WONDERFUL. Thanks for sharing.

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L DJ December 26, 2008

Excellent cake. A couple of notes, though: DO NOT skip the wax paper lining the pans... since I was using non-stick pans, I thought spraying them would be sufficient. Well, they stuck badly and I had to reassemble and freeze briefly before assembling the cake. Also, with the ganache, the recipe doesn't specify to cool to room temperature or cool i.e. in fridge. I found it necessary to refrigerate for about ten minutes stirring every 2 minutes in order to reach spreading consistency. Also, I doubled the ganache and am glad I did... it would have been VERY thin on the cake otherwise. The praline frosting is crazy-good, so save a little in the saucepan to SNACK ON! Final note... this is a pretty time-consuming cake due to the number of steps that require cooling, refrigerating, etc., so not a good cake if you need something quick. But worth the work!

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Bulldog Belly March 18, 2008

I love this cake! It is time consuming but worth it. I have wanted mine to look like the photo by gailaang each time I have made it but it never does. I think next time I make it I will add 1/2 recipe to the cake recipe. That way my layers will be thicker. I made the 3 layers in the 8 " pans but my cake just looks small, not tall.

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billieandfreddie November 15, 2014

This is a lovely cake but not what I'd call a fudge cake. It's easy to make and has a lovely texture due to the buttermilk but it's not a fudgy texture and also it's not chocolatey enough for me, I'm afraid. The ganache is very nice.

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Miss Fitz September 26, 2014

I have to say, I was very impressed with myself after cooking such a beautiful cake! It was not that hard to make at all though. Like a previous reviewer, I used 9" pans instead of 8" ones, but I liked how the cake turned out. It was dense and creamy... almost like fudge. I also cut the sugar in the cake down to 1 1/2 cups. The sweetness of the frosting definitely made up for it!

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rpgaymer May 28, 2013

Really good! I made two layers, frosted in between layers and sides with ganache as directed, and topped with praline. Cake was gorgeous and delicious. It's easy for chocolate cakes to be dry, but this was moist with a perfect tender crumb. I extended the ganache about 1/2 inch onto the top layer, then let the praline cool just a bit before spreading to meet the ganache, as I didn't want it dripping down the sides. The amount of ganache was probably too much and overpowering for just two layers. Next time I'd make 3/4 batch or maybe try milk chocolate chips. A delightful, impressive cake that's really very easy. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama May 26, 2013
New Orleans Double-chocolate Praline-fudge Cake