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Heaven, I'm in heaven! Oh! Excuse me. You will have to forgive me, I've been walking on a cloud ever since I saw this recipe published. I couldn't wait to make it, it looked like so much fun, and it was so much fun to put together! I prepared Luby's "soup" exactly as directed in her recipe, which I would classify as tasting like a "chowder". The shrimp, the corn, the whipping cream, the bacon, onions, herbs and spices all come together to delight your senses! It is as beautiful to see as it is to taste. If you love hot and spicy, New Orleans style cuisine, you are going to love this soup! Thank you so much, Luby for joining RecipeZaar and bringing this soup into my life!

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Bev March 04, 2003

Excellent! Thanks for the recipe! As Bev said...it WAS fun to make! I was looking for a way to use up some whip cream from Canadian Thanksgiving, and also had a bunch of veggies and shrimp/prawns! So imagine my delight when I tried this recipe and it was soooo delicious! Thanks Luby!

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Tamster888 January 15, 2011

Really, really good. I added potatoes.

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joarayner December 13, 2009

OK, not sure that I should even be rating this because I changed quite a few things, BUT it was still sooooo delicious that I want to rate it a 5! After reading the nutrition facts and seeing the 98 grams of fat, my artieries slammed shut, my stomach did a few somersaults and I grew slightly light-headed..tee hee, so I had to lighten it up. Instead of 1/2 cup butter, I used 2 Tbs. of evoo, instead of the whipping cream and whole milk, I subsituted 1% milk and added some cornstarch to thicken. Also subbed turkey bacon for the real stuff and I only had 1 1/4 lbs shrimp in the freezer. Even with those major changes, the flavor of this dish was superb. If you have no fear of the "fat" factor, by all means try it full force - you will NOT be disappointed. Also, next time I will only use 1 can of corn and make it whole kernel - the cream-style corn made the chowder a little too sweet for our taste. Thanks so much for posting! This hit the spot on a cold, drizzly evening!

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Tamaretta January 04, 2007
New Orleans Corn & Shrimp Soup