New Mexico Pulled Pork

READY IN: 8hrs 30mins
Recipe by Pierre Dance

This is a blend of several recipes that sort of took on a life of it's own. It's easy and delicious. It's great for all afternoon casual get-togethers as guests can wander in to make their own sandwiches as they choose. It does require overnight to marinate and 8-9 hours cooking.

Top Review by Josh Barratt

It's not fair for this to be a full-on review of this recipe, since I altered the flavor pallete somewhat heavily to be more 'jerk-like' than new mexican (for a theme dinner) but the core method and the spice proportions were retained -- with great results. For having almost a 6 lb shoulder and 8 guests, there were suprisingly few leftovers. Shredding the meat back into the pot was a great suggestion, it kept warm and was re-united with all those incredible juices. Next time I'll be making *this exact* recipe when I have a non-theme meal to plan for.

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  1. Cut the roast into 1 inch thick steaks, trim fat.
  2. Place Salt, Pepper corns, Cummin Seeds, and Oregano in a spice mill and grind.
  3. Mix all of the spices in a large bowl.
  4. Rub each steak well with the rub.
  5. Place the steaks in a large plastic bag with any rub that is left over.
  6. Refridgerate overnight.
  7. Rub in the left over rub.
  8. Place steaks in crock pot set on high for 1 hour.
  9. Reduce heat to low, cook for another 7-8 hours.
  10. Remove meat to a cooling rack,'til cool to handle.
  11. Shred meat with forks.
  12. Return to pot to warm.
  13. Dip out with a slotted spoon, let it drain a bit.
  14. Serve on Hoagie or Keiser rolls with your favorite condiments.
  15. I bag and freeze individual size servings.
  16. Nuke 2-3 minutes to thaw and warm and you have a delicious sandwich.
  17. ***NOTE*** There is no need to add any liquid.
  18. The roast's own juices will be enough.

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