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This is a wonderful way to cook baby back ribs. I omited the salt because the dry spices and chili powder already have some salt in them and the ribs didn't seems to need any. Charlotte, this is the first time I ever made ribs with a dry rub and no sauce and I really liked them a lot this way. This will also be great in the winter cooked in the oven. Thanks Charlotte for posting this recipe that we will be making again.

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ellie_ July 23, 2003

GREAT! I've done this twice now and both times it came out wonderful. I almost followed the recipe the first go-around, the change was to cook it in a Brinkman smoker with a water bath at 250 F. for 8 hours in a very light Alder smoke. I cooked the second one the same but I subed Smoked Chipote Powder for the Cayenne. Both times about 3/4 of the way through the barbarqueing my neighbor started a conversation over the fence which lasted 'til the ribs were done. It was only polite to invite him and his wife to dinner. We all send our Thanx.

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Pierre Dance February 17, 2004

Very flavorful and tender! We modified the preparation and cooking procedures as follows: Started with brining for one hour in a solution of ice water, salt and sugar. Dried the ribs, rubbed in the spices (added 2 tablespoons of brown sugar) and let sit for an hour in the refrigerator. The ribs smoked over indirect direct heat for four hours on a low charcoal grill and then wrapped the ribs in foil, finished in oven for one hour at 325 degrees. We will definitely use the spice recipe again!

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Mama Cee Jay June 18, 2007
New Mexican Back Ribs