Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 5 mins

Nothin' says summer like some fresh, hot, salty french fries drenched in vinegar. A boardwalk treat.


  1. Do not peel potatoes.
  2. Cut potatoes in long, uniformly shaped sticks.
  3. Fry in hot oil(approx 325°F)to desired doneness(dark & well done is the way they do them at the stands on the boardwalk).
  4. Remove fries to paper towels and generously salt right away.
  5. Serve in a paper cup or cone with plenty of malt vinegar.
Most Helpful

YUM! I love malt vinegar on fries, but they have to be the 'perfect fry' and these are perfect! I did a 1/2 peel, and loved them this way. Thanks Queen!

PrimQuilter January 18, 2008

Yummy fries! I peeled some for my DH and left the rest unpeeled. Delicious with the malt vinegar. Thank you!

Sharon123 May 05, 2006