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It's been a really long time since I bothered to write a review for anything here, but I just had to let everyone know how wonderful this soup is! It really stands out from the crowd, that's for sure. We especially loved the fresh dill. Very hearty and rustic. It has a taste of the "old country" to me, like an Eastern European dish. Thank you for this major keeper!

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Whipper February 21, 2010

I was a bit unsure of whether I'd like this soup as I'm not a huge dill fan, but DH is, so I tried it anyways. I loved it, my husband loved it, and my two non soup loving kids asked for it for breakfast the next day! It is rich and really nicely flavored - dh thought I'd put butter in it.(though I skipped celery and parsnips as I had none, and used dried dill) A very satisfying soup. We had it with whole wheat buns #168802.
Also, as a general rule, I make soups the day before we eat them because they are so much better the second day, but this is one we're happy to eat on the day I make it. Making it today for a snow day.

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laugh2survive March 03, 2012

I followed the recipe as far as ingredients go but changed the technique as pr chef friend's instructions. I sauteed the onion, carrots, and celery for 20 min then added the grated parsnip and sauteed all that for another 10 min. Then I added finely chopped sweet potatoes and sauteed that another 10 min. This all helps build flavors. Then I added broth and cooked it just until sweet potatoes were cooked and not falling apart. I cooked the barley separately so I had more control over the thickness of the final product. I added the barley along with the cooking water it was in to add the thickness you get when using barley in a soup. I would say I used more broth than the recipe called for. Like other reviewers I found it a little bland. I added some parsley at the end and that helped visually as well as the taste. It is a hearty, healthy soup and it makes a TON of soup. Lucky I had lots of people to share it with. I will update this review with their comments later.

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bitch'n kitchen January 02, 2011

This is arguable the best soup I have ever eaten, wonderful!

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matscott117 May 16, 2013

We REALLY liked this! I did make some changes, but nothing major. I halved the recipe. Also, I didn't have a parsnip, so that may have been kind of a big deal, I'm sure it would be great in this recipe. Anyway, no parsnip, used skinless chicken thighs, used a teaspoon of dried dill and poultry seasoning, used 3 cloves of garlic, only used one sweet potato, and added about 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar and a 1/4 cup of fresh parsley at the end. So, so good. To me, this is more like a stew. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I know I made some changes, but I'm looking forward to making it again as written. Thanks for sharing this healthy, comforting recipe. It's a keeper!

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Lucky in Bayview January 18, 2013

This was SO good. I had never tried sweet potatoes before this recipe (love them now). I would not use the dill again even though I like dill a lot. Thanks for something new :)

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KitiKat1 January 02, 2011

An interesting soup. I didn't like it as well with the dill as I did without. Very thick the first day and even thicker the second day. My kids ate it and enjoyed it. I used only one small can of chicken. I froze about 3 qts of this as it made a LOT.

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Zee December 16, 2010

Wow! Perfect synchronicity lead me to this recipe as I was actually looking for BULGUR soup recipes and inadvertently put in BARLEY. I used a cup of bulgur wheat instead of the barley, omitted the parsnips as we had none. I also used ham and ham stock instead of chicken, did not omit the dill, even when I wasn't sure how it would pair with the ham. I did reduce the amount, however, to about a tablespoon. Dolloped on plain Greek yogurt to serve. The end result? WOW, what a soup!! Thick, rich, hearty and sooo flavorful and good! Can't wait to try it tomorrow as I am sure after it mellows it will be even better. Next time I will try it with lentils. Some people say "lucky accidents" but I don't believe in those ;) Excellent, thanks so much for posting, Winkki!!!

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SwedishExpat November 17, 2009

Really nice soup, loved the dill, just never think of adding dill with chicken.

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Helen1 November 07, 2009

This was good, I only made servings for four and we only had a little bit left.

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adopt a greyhound December 19, 2008
New England Soup Factory's Sweet Potato Chicken Barley Soup