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This is a highly unusual soup. We both liked it but froze the leftovers because we just couldn't eat too much of it - it almost becomes overwhelming after awhile and this recipe makes a lot of soup! Hopefully it does freeze okay. I did not add the full amount of broth called for - I used about 2 quarts instead and it made it a thicker, heartier soup for our main course. I did put in extra garlic and used a little extra fresh grated ginger and omitted the coconut extract as I felt that would make the taste too sweet. Next time I will omit the flakes as well - not only did they add too much sweetness - it looked rather unappetizing. Thanks for posting!

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cyaos January 14, 2009

Good soup, but recipe needs a few edits:

-2 quarts of stock, not 4. Per someone else's comment, 4 wouln't even fit in most people's large soup pots. (And I think it would make it way toot thin.)
-Chicken stock is fine if you're not veg.
-Add some salt!
-If you like it hot, add more habanero. I put one whole diced habanero and this and it's not anywhere near as hot as the soup when I got it at the restaurant.
-Use the hand blender to chop this us up a bit. I did this before adding the coconut and cilantro, but I did it one time after that step and I love the consistency.
-Garnish with extra lime for a fresh taste.

Thanks for posting his receipe!

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jjcommunications_9793396 September 25, 2012

My soup pot wouldn't hold 4 quarts of stock on top of everything else, so I only used about 2 3/4 quarts. Everything else was about on qty. I also used coconut cream instead of milk and no extract or flakes. I lightly blended it at the end so it was nice and thick with a few chunks still. Next time I will halve the soy sauce - it was too strong for me, but my b/f liked it as is though.

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Andrea-Oz May 18, 2008

I usually like unusual, unique dishes but this soup was too weird for me. A better name for it would be "Tomato/Lime broth with root vegetables and quirky flavorings". The flavor of the squash was totally lost in the lime/tomato tongue-smasher and the coconut added an odd texture, unpleasant odor and clinging aftertaste. Tomato/lime/coconut - Hmm, maybe if I chilled it and added about half its volume in vodka...

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Gnome Al Aska December 04, 2011

I decided to half the recipe because I didn't have enough squash. I ended up half of a different squash on top of my butternut. I was weary about adding so much broth, but I think it worked out in the end. I didn't add a carrot or celery because the vegan vegetable broth I had was sufficient. I didn't add coconut extract, but I added double what was called for. I did end up using a blender once it was finished, before I added in the chickpeas. It turned out wonderfully and I definitely will be making it again.

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CiaraShalifoe November 06, 2010

I love this soup! I used a habanero pepper instead of scotch bonnet pepper, and I went ahead and added sweetened coconut flakes, with great results.

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Kittymonkey November 08, 2009

This was very very good! I highly recommend using a stick blender to blend the soup. It was wonderful that way!

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StrikingEyes00 October 23, 2009

This was probably the easiest and tastiest soup I have ever made! Perfect for lunch! I didn't have any coconut extract but don't reckon it was needed. The flaked coconut is well worth including as added a lot of thickness and made the soup much more unique. Will be making this a lot!

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zamgirl May 18, 2009

This recipe worked great for me and I have used it a few times. You don't need a hand blender as the soup is a broth. It has coconut milk , lime juice and hot pepper. It's very assertive but very fragrant. It does not take a long time to cook because the chickpeas are cooked and the butternut squash cut into small pieces cooks quickly. I can make it when I get home from work and it tastes like I have cooked all day.

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broph64 October 15, 2008

Recipe needs improvement. 30 minutes absolutely not enough to make smooth creamy like consistency of squash. Use of hand mixer will brake all ingredients including peas, celery and carrot that should be still chunky and the end of cooking. All species (lime, coriander, ginger, garlic, pepper) should be placed at the and of cooking overwise soup will lose very unique flavor of all ingredients. Coconut may be make taste worse and i do not think is necessary. Vegetable stock can be 2-3 less for creamy consistency overwise soup is watery. I expected more from soup with 20 ingredients.

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nyneuro October 05, 2008
New England Soup Factory's Spicy Chickpea and Butternut Soup