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10 stars! This was absolutely fabulous! The flavors are really really divine. I only used 2 dried peppers because I was nervous about the heat level but in the end I wish I had used all 3. The curry leaves have such an indescribable flavor that can't be replicated & adds so much. I feel very fortunate that i have a market down the street that carries them! Be sure to have all your ingredients chopped, measured & ready to rock because this comes together QUICKLY! I even found organic unsweetened coconut flakes so I didn't have to sub shredded. :) Thank you!! Made for Zucchini Tag in the Spain/Portugal Forum.

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Elmotoo May 24, 2012

I am going to wait to rate this until I try it again. I think I used too much summer squash for the seasonings (I just threw in everything I had in my refrigerator, including 2 small eggplants!). I also did not have curry leaves, which is probably a key ingredient. My version was ok, but not fantastic - but it's no fair to rate it since I deviated so much! I am sure with the cast quantity of squash coming from my CSA group that I will have a chance to do this again the right way!

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Carianne August 01, 2008
New Delhi Style Summer Squash