Netherlands Fruited Buttermilk Ring

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Recipe by Chabear01

Posting for World Tour 2006 this recipe from the Netherlands according to an old Avon International Cookbook I have sitting around my house gathering dust. Chilling time not included in prep or cooking time as I consider this passive time and would be doing something else.

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  1. In saucepan stir together gelatin and sugar; add 2 cups of the butter milk. Cook and stir over low heat till gelatin and sugar dissolve. Cool 15 minutes.
  2. Add remaining buttermilk, lemon zest,and lemon juice. Pour into 6-cup mold. Cover and chill overnight.
  3. Unmold onto serving plate. Arrange assorted fruit around mold. Spoon Some of the Vanilla Sauce (directions given below) over; pass remaining sauce.
  4. Vanilla Sauce:.
  5. in small mixing bowl combine egg yolk, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Beat till smooth and well combined. In small mixer bowl whip cream to soft peaks; fold in egg yolk mixture. Cover and chill. Stir before serving. Makes 1 1/2 cups sauce.

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