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Recipe by MilanzMom

This is the way I learned to make Nescafe while visiting my husband's family in Serbia. To me, this is more of a dessert coffee, because it is very sweet. (These measurements are for a standard size coffee mug)

Top Review by Lady-Tam P.

I am a coffee drinker who likes to experiment with different types of coffee as well as flavors. I prefer stronger coffee that knocks my socks off. With that said I used 1 1/2 Tsp of Nescafe' in a 10 OZ mug and it was fairly strong. Following this recipe it was PERFECT. Now I got a Milk frother on Amazon made by IKEA. $6, (works for stirring mini jars of paint too)... get the perfect froth/foam first time, (thank you very much) follow the recipe Exactly. Because I tried this with a full cup which is now all over my kitchen. After you add the boiling water to just over the sugar and Nescafe' turn the frother on and slowly lower it into the center and continue to submerge to the bottom. Rotate around the bottom of the cup and edges for about ten seconds to blend your ingredients. You will all ready see it start to foam. Now return back to the center and you will slowly lift your frother close to the surface but do not break it and then submerge back down. Continue this motion moving up and down from top to bottom not too slow but not too quick either and now you will see the coffee really foam up. Since I had filled water to about a quarter of the cup, I let the foam reach about 3/4 and then did a turn below the surface following the rim. This evened the foam out. I then added the rest of the water and a touch of creme. My foam was so deliciously thick I was able to scoop it up in a spoon which I could turn sideways and the foam would not slide off.

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  1. Put the Nescafe granules in a coffee mug. How much you use will depend on how strong you like your coffee.
  2. Add the light brown sugar.
  3. Add just enough boiling water to cover the granules and sugar, but not too much more than that.
  4. With an electric (or battery powered) hand-held frother, whip the sugar and Nescafe together until it gets to the consistency of cream. (This took a little practice for me to get it to foam. Just continue frothing; it will ultimately cream-up. I found that using the frother in an up & down manner to add a little air, worked best for me).
  5. Once you get the creamy consistency, add more boiling water to fill the mug.
  6. The creamy part will rise to the top of the mug. Do not stir. Add just a shot of milk on the top of the cream.
  7. Enjoy!

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