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HI! Iam Nepali and I was raised in a house where we made dumplings almost twice a month. we started with fresh ground meat and and everything. The recipe here for ground meat looks about right. Making dumpling is actually complicated for beginners considering the numbers of spices that goes in it.I use lots of ginger, garlic, momo masala or meat masala(u can buy it in Indian grocery),turmeric, cumin and coriander powder, loads of onions and green scallions and soy sauce and vinegar. Anyone who wants to leran to make dumpling shoud start in small proportion and when you finally get the desired spices according to your test it will be one of your favorite dish. Trust me I have spoiled my American husband and his many friends.

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aprilpage84 January 19, 2010

My stepdaughter and her boyfriend spent a lot of time in Nepal last year and came back raving about momo. I made this as a treat for them, but it came up with mixed reviews. The dough is great, mixes up easily and is a cinch to manipulate into wrappers. It was a bit dry during the mixing so I added an extra teaspoon of oil. For the filling I used all beef. The problem was in the spice mixture. My momo experts declared it was too complicated, that momo is supposed to be a simple meat dumpling. I have to agree with mianbao's review, too much spice, but the dough is worth a try.

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Mirj July 05, 2008

Well, this was interesting! Definitely a 5 star recipe from the point of view of cooking enjoyment. These little dumplings are sort of like Chinese Soup Dumplings, which is why the recipe tells us to keep the bottoms thicker. Lazy me rolled out the dough on my pasta machine, and cut it with a round cookie cutter. There wasn't a lot of leakage, however. I made 2/3 of the recipe, getting 40 dumplings. I was glad I didn't pour in the full amount of water when making the dough, because I didn't need about 2 tablespoons. The dough is a pleasure to work with. I didn't have asafetida, so just skipped it. I also went easy on the chilli. The main reason this a 4 and not a 5 is that I felt there was too much spice, especially cumin. If I make these again, I'll cut the cumin in half and rethink the amounts of the other spices. Of course, this is merely personal preference. And it may be quite presumptuous, considering that I am not familiar with Nepali cooking. So, this is JMO. Thank you for sharing your recipe and giving me a lovely rainy Sunday afternoon.

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mianbao September 10, 2005
Nepali Momo (Nepalese Meat Dumplings)