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Now THIS is real Italian gravy! So delicious I couldn't leave it alone while it was cooking. It kept calling me to the stove for a taste! Excellent flavor and will be my new gravy recipe when we feel like spaghett!

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CookTillUDrop October 26, 2008

I made this several weeks ago for a family sufffering from enormous stress. Although I loved it myself, I was reluctant to post a review until I heard from them. My friend just told me that her daughter who was visiting said it was the best neapolitan sauce she'd ever had!

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highcotton September 06, 2008

Linda, you have the perfect Italian Gravy recipe here. When I talk about Italian Gravy, THIS is what I'm talking about! It doesn't get any more authentic then this. We had this along with some garlic bread and a delicious salad of greens, tomatoes, black olives and onions with Italian dressing. It was a meal to remember, and I will! This is a must try if you want authentic spaghetti from the streets of Italy! Thank Maryanne for me :)

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MichelleOnTheLake May 17, 2008
Neapolitan Meat Sauce - Ragu Napoletano Alla Anna Galasso