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First taste is grapefruit mixed with mint then an aftertaste of garlic/onion. Not bad, since I like all the flavors, but really weird tasting it all together. Two weeks ago I had a very bad sore throat and took about a tablespoon every hour through out the day. Taste got to where I couldn't take another spoonful. The strange combination was getting to me!! But next day sore throat was gone. Yesterday my daughter and I both started with headache, runny noses. I jumped right back into this concoction, my daughter didn't. This morning I feel great, my daughter is worse. But today she is going to try it. If you can handle the taste, it really does work! Update: My daughter feels MUCH better today!! I'm going to keep this around! Thanks!!!!!!

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MichelleinHI March 11, 2010

Blends up nicely and is a lovely color. As for taste--wow, is it strong! I didn't measure the cayenne, but I'd guess I used between 1/8 and 1/4 teaspoon. I think in all honesty that fresh chili would be better, if you have access to good potent ones. Or I might use Green Rooster sauce instead of both chili and garlic next time. It really packs a punch! One tip--I was concerned that the garlic wouldn't get sufficiently pulverized, so I put them through my garlic press first. I think that helped a lot. The garlic flavor is strong, but not terrifyingly so. Between the citrus, onion, and garlic, I keep thinking I'm smelling guacamole! Not a bad thing in my book! Thanks for posting, Sharon! Made for Photo Tag game.

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Halcyon Eve December 03, 2008
Nature's Penicillin