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I made some cashew butter and used more cashews instead of almonds (the almonds I bought turned out to be roasted and I was going for a "raw" cake). I made the applesauce myself too. I decided that I need a bigger food processor asap, because even dividing into two half-batches almost overwhelmed the little one I have. I would like to make this again, trying different things. Like almonds! lol. Thanks! Reviewed for Healthy Choices ABC tag.

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mliss29 May 19, 2008

This is HEAVENLY!!! I love this cake, and so does my family. It keeps really well for about a week, though it never lasts that long in our family! I top it with whipped cream to make it extra pretty :) I'm going to be blogging it tonight too! http://homegrownrose.typepad.com/reclaimingthehome

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chef kristin #2 March 10, 2008

I can not say enough about how much I enjoyed this recipe...for me I would have to say it is to date my favorite find yet on Zarr. I love the unusual texture...not quite "cake" as "yogi" has stated; yet rich and decadent in its own healthy way!! I used a homemade nut butter - a mix of almond, walnut and cashews - which gave a nice bit of grainy texture that the oats, coconut and additional chopped nuts further enhanced. I found that with the natural sweetness of the carrot and especially the dates, no other sweetener needed to be used. I have made it twice...using a loaf pan and also tried it in a novelty mold pan (heart shaped)- just for presentation experiment purpose (I served it in the pan that time)and was delighted to see that it actually "sliced" into cake like pieces very neatly. I found the longer it chilled the better the flavors mingled and it kept refrigerated for up to 3 days (maybe longer, but not in my house!!!) I agree with "yogi" in most definitely using unsweetened coconut and I think it would be interesting to add flax, sunflower seeds or other nut and dried fruit to play with different flavors and textures...but make it just as is, at least the first time - it is DIVINE!!

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free-free May 20, 2007
Nature's Cake