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Prep 5 mins
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A great home remedy prescribed by my ear, nose & throat specialist for sinus headaches, congestion, colds, and allergies. The salt water clears the "gunk" out. The baking soda soothes irritated membranes, and the glycerine soothes and moisturizes.

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  1. Mix everything up in a jar.
  2. Rinse thru nose 4 times a day using a bulb syringe.
  3. While standing at the sink, tip your head back, flush thru nose, then tip your head forward, and let the"wash" run back out.
  4. Messy?
  5. --yes.
  6. But very effective.
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No one should use a nasal flush with tap water. Please boil it first or use distilled water. If contaminants get into the water it can cause serious illness, sometimes fatal. I use a nasal wash faithfully, but I don't use tap water since I heard on the news that people were dying due to bacteria in tap water.

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I've been using a mix for awhile but decided to include glycerine. You can feel that the wash is smoother and goes through your nose easier. I found it in a bottle near the bandaids section (Rite-Aid) and it looks like clear corn syrup. I swear by nasal irrigating and use an attach. that goes on my Water Pick (designed for irrig.). Thanks Lightly Toasted, for posting, Roxygirl

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NOTHING like this for sinus health. I use tap water, very warm but not hot. Anyone who has sinus problems should be using this.