Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

I got this recipe from a couple of different ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctors. But was told years later, by still another ENT doctor, that the Vodka was not neccessary. I have used this for over 30 years now. After the kids had grown and moved out, I found out the one of my daughters had been drinking my Vodka and refilling the bottle with water. Good thing I didn't really need it. LOL (good thing for her, she wasn't caught)


  1. Mix all the ingredients together.
  2. Using a bulb syring and holding your head over a sink or toilet bowl, flush the water up one nostril.
  3. If the passage ways are clear, the water should come back out the other nostril.
  4. Sometimes it will just come back out the same nostril.
  5. Some will go down your throat, but that is ok.
  6. I have found that the warmer the water is the better it works at loosening the gunk, but you don't want it to be hot.
  7. Some people use this like"Ocean".
  8. A nasal moisturizer.
Most Helpful

ENT gave me the recipe too. No vodka. I used a Nasal Douche (tm). Now an antique I assume. It relied on gravity and was a very small volume. The bottles that squirt the stuff UP work better. Since I made the solution in batches with boiled water, one doctor said it wouldn't hurt to put a little dab of first aid cream in it. (Maybe you should not use petroleum based ointment, though.) Why not watered down vodka? You do want the solution to be sterile, of course. I used to think that the product Alkalol had alcohol in it, but no. Look it up. only a tiny bit, presumably to keep it from having germs in it.

Spike 1 February 20, 2013

My husband had the flu last week, and was left with a very stuffed up nose and clogged sinus problem. Out of desperation, we tried this, and yes, he chose to use the vodka LOL! He used it several times the first night, and although he found it a strange sensation, he said it was not uncomforatable. He used it again the next morning and said that he felt less clogged up. By that evening, he did it again and all was clear! I will definately try this again when one of us get a stuffed up nose, thanks for posting!

~Leslie~ December 06, 2005

This works really well! I know the Vodka is optional but I chose to use it anyway. I've used it both morning and before bed. Really helped a lot with all the junk in the air. Thank You for sharing!!

Greffete October 05, 2004