Nanny's Stuffed Flounder 5 Star Family Favorite

Total Time
1hr 5mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 45 mins

This is one of the many recipes from my grandmothers cookbook. She passed away in May of 2005 and I am recording her wonderful recipes for my family and the many generations that will follow. I hope you enjoy her recipes as much as we do. I have not made each one yet-so cooking time and servings may vary. Blessings from FOURMRANCHWIFE in Texas. (THIS IS ONE OF MY PERSONAL FAVORITES!!)

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  1. Chop all the veggies.
  2. Saute veggies in the bacon fat drippings unti soft, but not brown.
  3. Mix the sauted veggies with the crab meat, bread crumbs and spices.
  4. With a sharp knife make a slit just under the skin of the flounder. Fill the pocket you create with the mixture.
  5. Brush the flouder with melted butter.
  6. Bake 30 minutes covered with foil at 375*.
  7. Uncover and brown for 10 minutes.
  8. This will stuff 1 big or a couple small flounder.


Most Helpful

Awesome tasting fish with a delicious stuffing that I would be proud to serve to company, and will next time I have some! DH and I really loved it!

Jo-Ni October 05, 2011

More like 10 stars. This was a very nice restaurant quality meal. Looks fancy but really easy and quick. I could not get whole flounder so I had to use filets but they worked just fine. I simply made a mound of the dressing and tucked the ends of the fillet under the mound. I did put the broiler on for a few minutes to help brown the top of the fillets bc I was antzy and wanted to eat it NOW! It smelled amazing and tasted even better. Great recipe Stacey and Nanny!

Mama's Kitchen (Hope) May 14, 2007

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