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My husband has always talked about his mom's mac & cheese, saying that although mine is good, his mom's had that 'certain something' - I always used a flour-butter-cheese roux to sauce it - but his mom made it just like this. So I tried it tonight - cut it in half since we are only 2 - and added bread crumbs to the top mixed with 1 T melted butter. Also, I didn't have cheddar but I had muenster slices from Costco and Tillamook Pepper Jack! Then, you can kill me now, I used half milk and half heavy cream! Cut the cooking time by 15 minutes, and oh my gosh - UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. I will make this again and again. Hubby says it's almost like his mom's except the cheeses are of course different, but the effect is the same! THANKS!

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SoberOldie April 19, 2009

I made this for our lake party. I used Colby cheese, but it went clumpy and not at all smooth. In fact I decided just to use the boxed mac and cheese as a back up. When everyone came in to eat, they choose your mac and cheese over the 'other'. So it tasted good, I used shells, but I feel maybe I did something wrong, though I'm not sure what. I'm sure it wasn't supposed to be clumpy.

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Chill July 03, 2006

This is the ultimate comfort food to me. This the the mac and cheese I grew up eating and the recipe I still use. Only difference is that I use canned milk to make it a bit richer. Mszanz this is a keeper!! Thanks!

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Sandy in Oklahoma February 09, 2006

I made this recipe for Pick a Chef fall 2005. I could not find colby cheese at the local deli and so I subbed Schneider's old nippy and that worked very well. At first the casserole seemed to milky but after letting it sit for about 5 minutes and giving it a good stir, it was perfect. The kids asked for me to make this again and that means this recipe is a hit~ Thanks for sharing it.

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* Pamela * September 23, 2005

I cut this recipe in half, since I was just cooking for the two of us... I also shredded the cheese (misread the recipe) I think I have finally found my dh'd Great Aunt Berts famous mac n cheese. Christmas just hasnt been the same since she passed away a few years ago. Thanks so much for sharing! Sooooo delicious!

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Loves2Teach February 13, 2005

This recipe makes a lot of macaroni and cheese! I used a deep 3 quart casserole and ran out of room and had to put part of it in a smaller dish. I used about 3 cups of milk total. Next time I will cut the recipe in half and use a 2 or 2 1/2 quart casserole dish. It was really good, and I didn't think it was bland. It had just enough taste. I love cheese and enjoy the taste of cheese. I used colby cheese and I did not use salt and pepper during preparation, just added a small amount when I ate it. I will definitely make this recipe again and again!

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GrandmaIsCooking February 10, 2005

This is the way my mom always made macaroni and cheese, but again like Denise using Cheddar not colby cheese. It was delicious and I think I will make some of this today. Thanks for the memories!

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MarieRynr January 23, 2005

MSZAN, This is how my mother made her macaronni and cheese although she didn't use Colby cheese...just American. My boys and nephew always requested that she make this. My husband likes the one that I make...but I am going to give mom's another try....thanks for posting.

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Denise in NH January 23, 2005
Nanny's Simple Macaroni and Cheese