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I finally made it.. and twice already! And needless to say DH was ever-so-delighted! With the 1st bite still in his mouth, he asked 'when will you be making this again??!!!'. He said these taste exactly like the ones they used to serve at his school except of course they used strawberry jam. I used frozen butter and High Dumpsy Dearie – Traditional English Fruit Jam for the filling. Served it, of course, with a generous helping of custard! A BIG THANK YOU, FT!

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum November 07, 2007

Idly looking through your recipes for inspiration, I came upon this roly-poly pudding, read it, and started smiling! I have one posted as well, same ingredients except for the jam, but sliced and baked differently. My old mom and I had a heated phone argument about my recipe: she says she never made hers like mine, THIS is how she made it! (Same description!!) This is probably the definitive recipe for roly-poly!! Mom (and I) only uses apricot jam for the filling (in her case, her own jam, naturally!) Memories, memories ...of coming home on a freezing day to Mom's lovely dinners and this pudding! I really recommend this dessert for the cold winter months ahead!!! Must be served with warm custard! LOL! Thanks,FT!

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Zurie October 05, 2007
Nanny's Nursery Baked Jam Roly Poly Pudding