Nancy’s Bean & Bacon Soup (Quick Soak Method)

READY IN: 7hrs
Recipe by Nancy Frye-Swope qu

Back when I was in college as a single re-entry student I still had my hungry teen-aged son at home & I was on such a tight budget I couldn't afford canned food. I made every imaginable type of dried beans I could think up but he told me this Bean & Bacon Soup was better than Campbells - I took it as a great compliment. I now make this recipe for my husband & he loves it as much as my son did.

Top Review by Mrs. Lainez

sorry, but this didn't work out for DH and me. we found it to be very bland, greasy, and watery. i couldn't even finish this. it seems to me that for some reason the bacon lost most of its flavour after 6 hours of cooking. perhaps some seasoning would help, but honestly, i don't know. made for the bargain basement tag game.

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  1. Cut up or chop uncooked bacon into a crock pot set on high and then cover. I use kitchen scissors to cut the bacon in pieces. Stir occasionally while you're soaking beans.
  2. Rinse your beans well, picking through & discarding any bad ones, then put them in a large pot.
  3. Cover beans with water up to about 2 inches above beans. Heat to a rolling boil, turn heat off, cover pot & let beans sit for one hour.
  4. Rinse soaked beans, then pour into crock pot with fresh water up to about 2 inches above beans.
  5. Add diced garlic, salt & pepper & diced carrots.
  6. Cook on low heat until beans are nice and soft (about 6 -8 hours depending on your crock pot).
  7. Adjust salt & pepper if needed.
  8. Remove approximately 1cup of the cooked beans from crock pot & mash them with a potato masher or run through a blender until smooth.
  9. Add mashed beans back into crock pot, stir in & serve.
  10. Serve with a green salad & plenty of fresh bread & butter. I pop some bread in the bread machine while the beans are "crocking". Mmmmmmm good! This freezes well for those times when you're too busy to cook.

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