Nana's Spinach Gnocchi

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 10 mins

My grandmother used to make three different kinds of gnocchi (potato, spinach and ricotta). If you are not familiar with "gnocchi," they are a type of home made pasta (similar to cavatelli), usually made with a potato or cheese based dough. Spinach gnocchi are particularly good when tossed with butter and grated cheese, or olive oil and fresh minced garlic, or your favorite sauce.

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  1. In a large pot, add 3 Tablespoons salt to 5 quarts of water, bring to a boil.
  2. Place spinach, potatoes, egg yolks, Parmesan cheese, salt and four in a large bowl, use a wooden spoon or spatula to mix ingredients together to form a dough.
  3. On a floured board, roll dough into long, finger-thin ropes.
  4. Cut ropes into pieces about 1-2 inches long.
  5. Flatten each piece gently with thumb and bring long sides together to form a hollow tube or shell shape.
  6. After shaping all the dough, place about 20 gnocchi into a large pot of boiling, salted water.
  7. When they rise to the surface, remove them from the pot with a strainer.
  8. Place in a heated bowl.
  9. Keep water at a hard, rolling boil and continue cooking the gnocchi (20 at a time) until all are cooked.
  10. Toss with butter and grated Parmesan cheese or your favorite sauce and serve.
Most Helpful

The directions were easy to follow and the gnocchi came out just as they were suppose to, I do no know what went wrong, the tasted awful. Sticky and heavy. This is the first time I've tried the potato version and I do not think I will try again. I'm sorry, I'm sure I did something wrong but I cannot imagine what.

Zaccaria January 26, 2006

Very tasty and very easy to do. I don't know what happened to Mom 2 many but the consistency was just right. I never mash potatoes in a food processor. I warmed some olive oil and garlic as a sauce and the combination was wonderful. Just served this with a big mixed leaf salad and it turned into a meal fit for a Queen.

Latchy May 20, 2004

Not sure what happened...followed directions to a tee, except used food processor. The mixture was the consistency of runny oatmeal. Maybe more like 5 cups than 5 tbsp of flour??

Mom 2 many January 29, 2004