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Love the wonderful sweet tart lemon taste. Very easy to make also. Made for our teammate on the Genies of Gourmet ZWT5.

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Lavender Lynn July 17, 2009

I really wanted this to be five stars for me, but I had a few issues with it :( (the four stars comes from the taste and versatility of it). Thankfully, I used a pretty big bowl to make this in, because during the second heating period, it foams up quite a bit. If I had used a smaller bowl, I think I would've been cleaning hot lemon goo off the bottom of my microwave (would've smelled good, though) lol. When I took the finished stuff out of the microwave, I noticed that it had white strands in it. At first I thought something weird happened to the lemon rind in the microwave, but then I realized that the strands were the egg. I'm not really sure why my lemon cheese was trying to turn into egg drop soup, but it was. Other than having egg pieces in it, it tasted pretty good (very sweet and very lemony), so I fished out all the egg bits with a fork and allowed it to cool. I put it in the fridge, and when I checked on it the next day, the top layer had sort of crystallized. I stirred it up as best I could, but some sugary chunks remained. I'm wondering if I heat it up again and then press it through a large-pore strainer if that would help. Overall, I think I was expecting something more like lemon curd, but this was thinner and sweeter, more like a really thick lemon syrup. Even with the bumps in the road (egg and sugar bumps, to be exact), I still really like the flavor of this. I don't think it's thick enough for me to use as a spread, per se, but I bet this would be wonderful on waffles or poundcake with tart berries, or maybe even a nice dish of vanilla or coconut ice cream. Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT5 Australia/NZ

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Muffin Goddess May 20, 2009

In a word...HEAVEN! If lemons are your thing, take a few minutes and whip up this delicious lemon spread. The first time I made it, I forgot to add the butter (and everyone loved it anyway). I've gone back and redone it with the butter and it's only slightly less lemony but is more creamy. This is going to be a staple in our fridge from now on! Made for ZWT 5! (-: Thanks Island Gurl.

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A Good Thing May 14, 2009
Nana's Lemon Cheese (Lemon Spread) for Microwave