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This cake is excellent! I wanted to make a spec treat for my DH who has been so tolerant w/me during ZWT & this was truly spec ... an easy fix w/a lovely dense, moist & rich outcome. The recipe makes a lrg cake & I'll prob halve it next time. I used apricot brandy (just what I had on hand), but didn't notice even a subtle flavour of it. No doubt here - a 5 star standout! Thx for posting.

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twissis July 19, 2006

Hate to review without a taste, but had to leave one comment. The batter was SO yummy (made w bourbon blend-Jack Daniels TN Honey-instead of brandy). I can't cut it open yet as it's for a lunch tomorrow, but it's beautiful and (I cream the heck out of the butter and sugar for any pound cake) the texture LOOKS perfect. BUT it was very near done an hour after dropping the heat, and unlike some of the other posters, my oven's usually pretty accurate. I didn't have a back up thermometer in there, so can't swear to it, but I think 1:20 would have seriously overcooked it. It smells WONDERFUL. Can't wait to taste it tomorrow!

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JB in TN February 26, 2013

This cake was delicious! I love the subtle brandy flavor and the richness of the chocolate chips. The cake was easy to make and baked up perfectly - a real winner! Baked in memory of Chef-I-Am, 10/2007.

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loof October 22, 2007

Yummy. DH was thrilled with this tasty pound cake. I had no brandy on hand and didn't want to buy it for this small amount, so I used some bourbon instead. Mine got a little more well done on the outside than I'd have liked, but that was due to pan type and oven temp. It disappear in very large slices!

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ReeLani June 30, 2006

Made exactly as directed and the family loved this cake. Makes up a beautiful cake. I think that the next time I make this cake I am going to try the peanut butter chips, just because we love peanut butter. Actually, I think you could use any type chips you wanted and it would work fine. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Jellyqueen April 04, 2005

Delicious!! I made a few small changes due to different packaging sizes: used 200 g of cream cheese (as opposed to 227 g) and 300 g of chopped chocolate (as opposed to 340 g). Also used cognac instead of brandy! After I'd lowered the oven temperature my cake needed only an hour to be done, but I'm pretty sure it's because my oven is on the hot side... So, I think I may have done some damage to the texture of this cake by baking it too quickly in too hot an oven! Still, the taste is delectable!! I prefer this cake cold, straight from the fridge, even. I will certainly make this again, and check my oven before I do! Thanks for a great recipe Georgia Girl!

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stormylee April 02, 2004
Nana's Chocolate Chip Brandy Pound Cake