Nana Mae's Garlic Dill Pickles

Recipe by ChefOnTheMoon

My grandmother was famous for her garlic dill pickles and we loved them. She made them each summer and they were never ready until Thanksgiving. She used rusty screw on lids that took strong muscle to remove......but the real test of these pickles was when she had Grandpa George "test" them to make sure they were OK for us to eat while we looked on, wondering what would happen to him if they weren't! These pickles are not refrigerated until after they are opened. Do not process them in a hot water bath. Follow the direction and enjoy very crunchy dill pickles. Should your brine become cloudy prior to opening do NOT eat these, it should stay clear. These pickles are fabulous and easy to make.

Top Review by a.m. schneider

This is exactly the recipe that I have been looking for! Thanks for posting.

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  1. Boil together vinegar, water and salt.
  2. Wash cukes and cut into spears.
  3. Pack in five clean and hot (Sterilized)right from the oven, 1-quart canning jars.
  4. To each jar add 1-3 cloves of garlic, and 2-3 flowers of dill.
  5. Add boiling liquid.
  6. Seal with a hot lid. Allow to cool, then store on a shelf in your cupboard.

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