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I wanted to try a naan recipe other than my own for a change, so I decided to try this one, since it was quite different. This Naan was quite flat..and wasnt soft and fluffy like ordinary naan. Rolling this into four 8-inch rounds made them QUITE thin, and after baking they remained pretty thin and semi-chewy, instead of soft. This really was nothing like any naan Ive had.. I know that I have no problems with my baking powder, as I made banana bread in the same day...with no problems. :-( Im sorry this just really didnt work out too well for me.

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love4culinary September 29, 2003

This is a good naan recipe for people who can't eat yeast. I enjoyed it and will probably make it again.

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VerucaSalt! April 22, 2010

i did not make this so i am not going to bust on it or commend it. however i noticed a slite problem. i think that this would make a wonderful fat free flour tortilla because it is alot like my flour tortilla recipe. however, naan requires yeast to get the fluffy nooks and crannies and that is basically the whole point of naan. im sure that this is a good, or usefull recipe however im not sure about how it is for a naan recipe. try letting it rest then rolling it out very thin and instead of baking you throw it on a flat bottomed griddle or pan (cast iron) to make chalupa-style flour tortillas.

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Katie #7 January 05, 2008
Naan Bread