Mysterious Multiplying Chicken

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by Caryn Dalton

Maybe this is a well-known secret to others, but I am 30 something and just figured this I am posting this secret here to others who may not be privy to a tip that will help you save lots of money, feed more people with less and make cooking easier.

Top Review by cathyfood

If you want a bargain meat mallet, go to the dollar store and get a rubber mallet! It can go through the dishwasher, and it stores in the back of the drawer, laying on it's side. Also, save the bags from cereal that are inside the box when they're empty, and wash them out. They are nice heavy plastic, and great for using to pound meat thin. Also good to split open flat and use in a tortilla press.


  1. Put one chicken breast inside a sturdy ziplock bag and squeeze out most of, but not all, of the air. You want to unfold the chicken breast so that it is as flat as possible inside the bag.
  2. Take a heavy metal skillet, or rubber or cooking mallot (do not use a metal hammer) and pound each chicken breast (you have to hit it pretty hard) so that you flatten the piece evenly to between 1/4 and 1/2 inch. You do not want to keep pounding until the chicken starts to fall apart.
  3. When you are finished, the chicken will be flattened, and twice the size of the piece you started with.
  4. The amazing thing is, when you cook this chicken, it expands and you would never know that you flattened it to begin with. I also find that it tenderizes the chicken. Cut the chicken into strips with scissors to quickly make chicken fingers or chunks for your favorite recipe. You can try this for yourself and see if it doesn't give you the feeling that you are feeding the multitudes with mysterious multiplying chicken!
  5. I find that I can use two chicken breasts where I used to use five. Your chicken will cook faster because the meat is now even thickness.

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