Myrtis' Clam Chowder

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READY IN: 2hrs 20mins
Recipe by lesliecoy

The other day I found two cans of baby clams in the pantry and sent a shout out on Facebook for a good recipe to use them. A Facebook friend shared their Family's Clam Chowder Recipe with me ! With my friends permission, I am sharing the recipe here on This was the easiest and best Clam Chowder I have ever had !

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  1. Add onions and bacon to large pot - I used my cast iron one. Spray a little butter spray if needed and start browning the onions and bacon.
  2. Once the onions are clear and the bacon is beginning to brown add the diced potatoes and brown them a little, too.
  3. Add enough water to just cover the potatoes and stir through to the bottom to get the good bits off the bottom of the pot.
  4. Cook the potatoes until soft. At this point, I was suppose to pour off the water, but it had pretty much all cooked down, so I did not need to.
  5. I added the juice from the 2 cans of clams and the Evaporated Milk at this point and let it cook down a little more.
  6. Add that butter and let it melt into the soup - add pepper ( and Salt ) to taste and stir - and let it cook down a little more.
  7. When you think the Chowder is just about ready to eat, add the two cans of baby clams - and stir - and let it cook down a little more.
  8. Put a loaf of Rustic Bread in the stove, set pre-heat to 325 degrees, and let it get nice and crusty to serve with the Chowder.
  9. When you can not stand it any longer the Chowder is Ready !
  10. Serve heaping bowls of Chowder with chunks of crusty bread, lots of butter and Enjoy !

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