(My Way of ) Steamed Cabbage

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 20 mins

I remember when I was growing up watching my great aunt cook and listening to all her tips on cooking and was thinking about her fried cabbage.... so this morning (new years day) I decided to use up the cabbage I had left in the refrigerator. I added my own touch to my aunts way of steaming. She just usually steamed her cabbage in bacon grease, I like to kick my food up just a notch! :) The measurements in this recipe might be off a bit but the main thing is getting the flavor of the spices.

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  1. In a large frying pan on medium heat, spray pan with Pam.
  2. Add bacon grease, turn heat down.
  3. Add butter and sauté onion and mushrooms in grease. (this will caramelize).
  4. Add rest of seasonings (pepper, beau monde, salt or accent and cayenne pepper opt.).
  5. Add shredded cabbage, stir well to blend seasoning.
  6. Cover with lid and steam on low for 20 minutes or until tender.


Most Helpful

Sorry I just didn't care for this dish. It wasn't bad it just wasn't for me. I think it was all those spices. I didn't care for the beau monde seasoning. The salt and seasoning salt made it a little more salty than I cared for. Glad I tried it though.

Catnip46 April 05, 2013

Very tasty cabbage! I cut back on the pepper for our tastes and didn't have mushrooms for this first attempt. I'll definitely make this again - this recipe really reminds me of my mother's Southern cooking. Thanks for sharing.

TexasGal #2 September 25, 2012

This recipe is exactly how I do my cabbage only I use crushed red pepper flakes and sliced onion and bell peppers. delish

Blessedchef December 29, 2011

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