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sweetina, I wish that you could have known my cooking skills prior to reading your recipe because you would quickly realize that you are an amazing teacher in addition to a skilled cook. To all of you guys out there that are looking to impress, provided your girlfriend is not a vegetarian, take a page out of sweetina's cookbook. This one will satisfy YOU as much as it will impress her. I should mention that I had a couple variations that I would like to share. I am a novice and was not able to match everything up exactly as written in the recipe. Therefore, the recipe calls for 15 maple sausages - I was hesitant to go for the breakfast - maple syrup sausages, so I actually grabbed one of those Jimmy Dean thick tubes of maple sausage and just heated it the same as I did the ground meat. I mistakenly bought only 2 cups of Mozzarella, however, was able to compensate with more Parmesan than stated. Sweettina, the only question I have for your recipe is where the "2 eggs" would come in? I did not see them in the instructions, so I just left them out. However, I still managed to have a delicious meal and leftovers for the week (unfortunately I have set the bar way too high as it relates to my girlfriend's perception of my cooking abilities). Sincerely, thank you!

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JerseyJeeper September 24, 2011
My Sweet Manicotti in Meat Sauce