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I have just returned from Morocco!! I had the amazing adventure of getting to stay in Taza with my friends family and really got to experience the life style. The mom of the house made her bread from scratch at least 2 times a week. I actually helped knead the bread in attempt to learn. When i was making this bread from your recipe, It was really sticky which made it very hard to "pull, stretch, and flatten. I'm sure it was something i was doing wrong (i have never made bread before) but i think it turned out pretty good. I think it will be even better next time.

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else_alyson January 10, 2009

First off, I was a bit confused to what, "flatten as much as possible" meant. As flat as pizza dough or thicker? But noticing that scoring was needed I patted it down to about 1 1/2 inch. It baked up nicely, but a bit dense (which was fine with me), although I wasn't sure if it was the way it's suppose to be. The taste was very nice. Not 'yeasty' at all. It went very well with my Lamb and Pear Tagine (which I've submitted to Zaar and am currantly awaiting approval from the elves.) Perfect for sopping up the juices:-) This was my first time to make Moroccan flatbread and not my last. I'm submitting a photo's to let you know how it turned out. I hope I did it justice. Thanks Hajar, for an easy and tasty recipe. P.S.... I enjoyed reading your writings on your website. I wish you and Mohammad all the happiness in the world. :-)

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L. Duch January 14, 2007

Wow, this was so good! I was looking for something quick to go with a pot of soup. I was out of whole wheat four, so I just used white and bread flour. I cut the recipe in half, and used the bread machine just to knead it and for the 20 minutes rest. I put it on the baking sheet in a barely warm oven to rise, about another 20 minutes. Next time I'll use a bit of cooking spray, it stuck with just the cornmeal. Baked for about 15. Wow, yeasty and light and delicious. Half recipe made a large loaf for two people, with leftovers for breakfast. I am definitely adding this to my cookbook!

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anne in apex November 09, 2014

Wanted to try this bread as I've never had it and was interested in the different flours including corn meal used in it. Not sure if it's as flat as you describe it needs to be but I loved the taste and texture just the way I made it. There's only 2 of us so half of the dough I froze after the first rise and will be interested to see how that works out when I defrost it and maybe I'll try to roll it out even thinner next time. My dough was really sticky (couldn't even knead it) so I did add about an extra 1/4 cup of flour so that I could form a dough. Thanks for an interesting and great tasting recipe, that I'll be using again

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Bonnie G #2 August 24, 2014

This was really good! Almost exactly like my Moroccan mother-in-law's bread! The taste was great but next time I will cook it at a higher temperature and make smaller round loaves like she does. Moroccans like more crust, less spongy inside, to be able to eat with it. I made this in my bread machine, the mixing, kneading and rising, and then just laid it out on a cookie sheet and rolled it out with a handheld roller. So easy! I always thought this bread was so time-consuming! Thank you for this version!

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vfinn July 01, 2010

Fantastic Easy recipe I also made mine in the bread maker on the dough setting -quick and easy thankyou miss Elizabeth for sharing

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Angel-mae & cleopatra's mummy September 19, 2009

I really enjoyed this bread, and it was so easy to make. I cut the recipe in half, and used my bread machine to make it to the dough stage, then baked it on a stone in the oven. The dough seemed very wet when it came out of the machine, but the finished product was just perfect- great flavor, great texture. I would never have thought to put cornmeal into my bread, but it really added something both flavor and texture wise. Thanks for posting a great recipe!

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IngridH September 02, 2009

What a wonderful bread recipe! It has a light texture and is the softest bread I've ever made - it has the closest resemblance to commercially-produced bread that I've come across so far. I used a breadmaker to make the dough through to the first rising then did the second rising in the oven. (I also halved the recipe as I wasn't sure the a whole recipe would fit in the breadmaker. I was really surprised at how much I got with only half the amount.) I've also made it quite successfully in a loaf tin to get a conventionally-shaped loaf rather than the flat loaf.

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Aslan's mate June 08, 2009

I made your recipe for a potluck middle eastern dinner. It was very well received. I love to make bread and delighted to add a great new recipe to my collection.

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kalispellsue March 28, 2009

I only tried this, after worrying about the amount of yeast required (3 1/2 tablespoons! and I cut that down to an even 3...), because some of the comments indicated that the bread didn't taste "yeasty". Wrong. I baked until it was quite brown on the bottom, almost 20 minutes, and the taste of yeast was overpowering. A waste of my time, and now I have to find another type of bread to serve with my Noth-African-themed dinner next weekend.

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VictoriaL November 05, 2006
My Rough Khoubz -- Moroccan Flat Bread.