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I normally have oily skin, but in winter my hands get very dry and my fingertips crack. I saw this and was thinking about trying this on my hands! I used almond oil and vit E oil. I only have flavored tea bags, so I used a green tea ginseng bag. If using on your hands, you really need someone to help you. Otherwise your hands are all sticky and can't finish the steps. It doesn't say how long to do step 4, so I flipped my hands back and forth for about 4 minutes or so. I'm going to try step 1 & 2 and put my gloves on to sleep with every night for awhile. Thanks!

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WI Cheesehead January 06, 2008

Very easy. I have a nasty case of Rosacea, and that, coupled with the cold, harsh winters in central NY make my skin very dry and flaky. This treatment has softened my skin, no doubt about it. I didn't have Vitamin E capsuls, but did have some Vitamin E oil (I make my own soap), so I used that. Because my skin is so very sensitive, the only change I will make next time is to moisten the sugar before scrubbing the mask. While scrubbing with the sugar, I thought I would rip my face off! With blood vessels so close to my skin surface, almost any amount of abrasion will make my skin bleed. I quickly moistened the sugar, and that lessened the abrasive qualities considerably. Thanks, my fellow Bunny for posting this easy treatment.

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Ms*Bindy January 19, 2006
My Own Super Facial Mask