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Excellent even without the chili sauce. I will definately make them again and use the chili sauce next time. I love things that can be made in the crockpot.

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Indiana Debbie March 12, 2012

Oh my, these are EXCELLENT, not only because of the taste, but also because they can be made in the crockpot...my #1 kitchen appliance, especially during the hot summer months here in GA. Even my daughter, who hates bell peppers couldn't stop raving about these while she gobbled down two of them!

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MarshHen August 21, 2009

FANTASTIC! I used a whole uncle bens long grain and wild rice box (without the seasoning packet) and instead of the soup, I used canned tomato sauce and I used the recipe for the substitution for chili sauce. My husband said this was his absolutely favorite thing I have ever cooked for him and we have been together for 17 years.

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RachelSapphire July 16, 2009

This is the best stuffed peppers ever! I used red and yellow peppers. Thier great

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bernac99 September 17, 2008

Very easy and very, very good! I did have to make some changes based on what I had on hand: lean ground turkey instead of ground beef; garlic powder instead of fresh garlic; tomato juice instead of soup; and improvised chili sauce (using 'Zaar's substitution guide) since I didn't realize that I was out until I was already in the midst of making these. I threw the whole thing together in the evening, stuck it in the fridge, then started up the crockpot just before leaving for work in the morning. By the time I came home, it was all so tender the peppers were practically melting apart. My fiance and our roommate both loved this, so much so that the roommate is begging me to make this a regular in my cooking routine! Thanks for a keeper of a recipe!

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Lynne the Pirate Queen September 13, 2008

Very Good! I just realized I didn't review this excellent recipe. I made it back in August with giant peppers from my garden. It was just what I was craving. I didn't have any chili sauce, so I used princess buttercup's Chili Sauce Substitute (Chili Sauce Substitute). Thanks for posting.

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Deb Wolf January 07, 2010

I've never made or had stuffed peppers before, but I was impressed with this recipe! I'm not the biggest fan of bell peppers, but these were very delicious. The house smelled amazing! Like other reviewers, I used the "chili sauce substitute" recipe and tomato sauce instead of the tomato soup.

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Delicious as it Looks December 09, 2015

These were very good peppers. My family really did enjoy. Thanks for posting.

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gwynn October 28, 2013

Excellent recipe! I filled 4 HUGE peppers and it was perfect! I made as written and I know I will make these again and again! I served with Creamed Corn Casserole topped with shredded Swiss cheese and both hubby and son raved about it! Wonderful and filling! Thanks for sharing! Need I say more?

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CindiJ September 09, 2012

Loved this. The Beau loved it even more and he's the picky one. Since there are only two of us I cut the recipe down a little and made just 4 peppers, using yellow peppers because they were 2-for-a-dollar (I KNOW!!!!). I'm always trying to squeeze one more vegetable into a dish so I grated a carrot into the meat mixture and I added some fennel seed, but that's all that was different. My rice didn't finish cooking so next time I'll use cooked rice, but I would keep everything else the same. I used the lower end of the cooking time because I wanted my peppers to keep their shape and not "melt" as one reviewer put it, so that might be what affected the rice lack of doneness.

I'm not sure I used the intended chili sauce since I hadn't heard of chili sauce for meatballs, but tried shrimp cocktail sauce.... da bomb. I rarely make recipes more than once but this goes in my exception book so I can make again.

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bikerchick February 11, 2012
My Own Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Peppers