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I love the flavor and will make this soup again, thank you for posting this recipe! I only gave 4 stars due to the fact that I had to work with this recipe and make decisions as to; when do I add the bacon? Do I simmer with a lid on or off? (I cooked lid on) How did you cook the bratwurst? I think bratwurst can be purchased pre-cooked but the kind I buy is raw from my local butcher so I am not sure which kind you meant to use in the recipe. Also I had to add 5 cups of additional liquid and that still made a thick soup. Still and all I liked it very much and do not want to discourage anyone from giving this a try.

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ChiefCook&BottleWasher December 12, 2009

First I have to admit that this recipe was going to be a bit out of the box for my family. I remember my dad loving bratwurst but I've never made it & don't really remember eating too much of it when I was young either. Also, the lentils are something I've never cooked before but have always wanted to try. I had a bag of brown lentils on hand in the pantry & this recipe sounded like a good way to test them out. The package of brats only contained 5 sausages so I used a full half pound of bacon (an extra 2 slices) to make up for it. I also have been experimenting with yukon gold potatoes so I used 2 yukons & two regular Idaho spuds. I used the chicken broth & probably about another 2 cups of water. Maybe I was cooking it on too high of a temp, but it didn't affect the quality & we loved that it was still thick & hearty. :) I wasn't sure about how to cook the brats or how to make sure they were cooked properly so I followed the package (covered on the stove with 1/2 cup water for 10 minutes then uncovered for 10 to brown). Then I cut each one into 1/2 inch slices & tossed them around the skillet a few minutes to brown & added them along with the bacon into the soup & served immediately. The comments from DH & DS really surprised me on this recipe. I didn't think they'd be over the moon with it but they both really loved it & DH said that it had incredible flavor just from the lentils & veggies, but then when you take a bite with the brats it takes the soup to a whole new level. Amazing flavor! We really, really enjoyed this & will make it whenever we need comfort food. We had a lot leftover that I vacuum packed & froze for another day. :) Thanks for sharing, buzzonesbirdie! Made & enjoyed for Zaar Chef Alphabet tag.

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**Tinkerbell** June 22, 2009

I have had this soup many times (with Bratwurst) and it is wonderfully aromatic and hearty. My mother-in-law makes this dish as well. I think it belongs to traditional "Hausefrauen Kost" canon. Yummy.

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Chrystabel January 09, 2007
My Omas Lentil Soup