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Winter Zaar Tag 2007. This is a great dinner and TOUCHE to your mom. DH, DS, and I enjoyed this very much. I will make this again but can't do so often due to frying. However, am going to give it a go in the oven as well and see how it comes out. The bacon touch is not to be missed, it gave the dinner a different taste then just chinken again and of course the rosemary YUM! mad ethe dish taste great and the house smell wonderful. I have 2 rosemary trees growing in my house so can we tell it is one of my favorites? The tomatoes gave it a nice touch of color. I would probably roast them next time before tossing into the mixture just to see the nuances in taste. Overall a WINNER in my book. Thank you for a great recipe.

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Chef1MOM-Connie December 13, 2007
My Mother's Chicken and Potatoes With Special Touches