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Tastes just like the fish I ate when I was growing up.
This time the only difference is there is no Carp swimming in the bathtub.
Another thing was we forgot that the size of our hands have gotten bigger , Our pieces became softball sized but nobody complained.
Thanks for the recipe . :)

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Stevetaz September 26, 2011

There is a very interesting history behind the two types of gefilte fish, galicianer (sweet) and litvak (savory). In fact there was an imaginary geographic border called the gefilte fish line that separated those who cooked their gefilte fish one way or the other. My mother came from Xotin in Romania, which should have been Galcianer. However, her mother-in-law was an uppity Litvak who looked down upon Galicianers as ignorant peasants. Trying to please the Litvak side, my mother made her gefilte fish savory, the only way I ever tasted it. This recipe opened me to the source of my roots. At first, I was put off by the sweet fish taste. In no time, especially after the favors fused, I fell in love. All my guests, Jews and non-Jews raved about it. Thanks!

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drmsrudman April 21, 2016

Regarding tasting the mix for seasoning, if don't like sushi and don't want to taste the raw mixture, you can drop a small ball in the simmering stock to cook it as a sample first.

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maxj2460 April 07, 2015

This recipe is enough to turn gefilte fish haters into its biggest fans. Absolutely delicious and never any leftovers. My husband requests this every Shabbos and it's always a hit with the guests as well. I use frozen gefilte loaf since white fish is otherwise unavailable here. I also use oat flour instead of matzah meal (just to account for wheat sensitivities). I leave everything else the same. I find gefilte fish goes further when made into balls and boiled, but when I'm pressed for time I just bake it in a loaf pan, adding a couple shredded carrots to the fish mixture since there's no broth. Not quite as good, but still everyone loves it. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!!!

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ellie_g April 30, 2010

This recipe is just fantastic. I have used it twice now for different friends, although I did fry the fish cakes in sunflower oil, they all thought it was fantastic. I did not have any matzo meal so I substituted maiz flour and it turned out great. Also one of my friends was on a strict no wheat diet so the maiz worked well. I served the fish cakes warm with sliced freshly cooked beetroot and homemade wholemeal bread. It went down a treat! Also I did pluck up courage and taste the mixture raw and was really surprised just how good it was and it certainly makes sense to do it so you can adjust the seasoning. Many thanks for the great and easy recipe.

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Rossy August 22, 2007
My Mom's Legendary Galicianer (Sweet) Gefilte Fish