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these are a very soft a moist cookie! Im convinced now that i am completly unable to make roll out cookies, not to the recipes fault because its happened every time with quite a few diffrent recipes lol even with chilling overnight -so i took the easy way out and lopped balls onto a cookie tray and flattened them out with a pam sprayed spoon. I got 60 medium sized cookies, and it took about 8 minutes for the edges to get a very golden brown, tho the tops never quite got golden. I made red, green, purple and blue colored cookies, and had to make three and a third batches of iceing to cover them all well. *update* i totally forgot to update, these came out of the freezer and dethawed on the counter overnight and fares just fine. your picture is so much better then mine poo so i dont think ill post it lol but thanks again for the great recipe - one of my cookie tray recipents said these were her favorite on the tray - and it has alot of diffrent kinds on it!

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Michelle_My_Belle January 16, 2008
My Mom's Cut out Cookies