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This is a wonderful quick and easy meal! I used fat-free dressing and whole wheat pasta with good results. I don't care for onions so left them out; I had half of a red bell pepper in the 'fridge so used that in it's place. I took the advice of another reviewer and just sauteed the turkey in the dressing instead of adding the olive oil. Tasty and healthy and ready in a flash - thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof October 02, 2010

This was delicious! I can buy my turkey breast pre-cut and pre-whacked to razor-thinness, and all I did was cut them into stir-fryable pieces. The first pieces that I placed in the hot oil sputtered everywhere and made a huge mess, that must have been all the liquid in the salad dressing reacting with the hot oil. So I drained off the oil and sauted the rest of the turkey without it, there was enough oil in the dressing for that. I left out the cheese because I don't eat turkey with cheese, but aside from that everything was delicious. I plan on making this again, but this time I'm just going to saute the turkey in the marinade. Thanks!

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Mirj March 03, 2007
My Italian Stir-Fry