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To get this to work- add a little water at a time, working it into the dough, until you end up with a dough that sticks together well, and not to your hands. I then roll thin sheets out between wax paper in as much like a rectangle as possible. Freeze the sheets long enough to get them firm (5-10 minutes) then peel off the top wax paper and cut into 1/2 to 3/4 inch strips. Create bowtie or pretzel shapes with the strips, and continue on like the recipe as stated. This is much more like you would find in Morocco, and does NOT fall apart in the oil. My first batch without water did the same as everyone else- it just disappated into nothing once in the oil- I was so angry. I can't remember what caused me to add water- but it was the MAGIC ingredient- enjoy your perfect shebakia!!!

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tariktchach August 26, 2008

yep same as everyone else, i put them in oil and they just disolved completely in my fryer, now my oil is filled with seseme seeds(sigh) so i tried to fry them in a skillet same thing. browned on one side dissolved on top. tried to bake, since i had so much paste, and just crumbled. terrible waste

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living_straight August 13, 2007

I had the a bad experience. It all fell apart and I also tried adding gum arabia and later an egg. The egg helped a tiny bit, but not enough. Had to throw it all away. Dissapointed for the waste of time and ingredients.

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Dasha March 15, 2007

I like Shebakia and thus was excited when I found out there was a recipe of it in here. I followed the recipe as is and even added gum arabic as suggested to make sure it comes out right. Still, they fall apart to the point that I couldn't form any shapes at all and frying them deemed useless since it continued to fall apart in that stage as well. I tried to salvage it in the end by adding an egg, but it still didn't work. Sad to say but had to throw out the mixture. Please try to review this recipe again if it's correct.

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Pneuma September 19, 2006
My Halwa Shebakia -- Special Ramadan Sesame Cookies